C&L Can Stein™ Product Info.
- Durable plastic handle, inner shell and flip
top lid
- Outer middle foam fabric insulator
- Holds a standard 12 ounce beverage can  
2 5/8"(W)  x  4 3/4" (H)
- Made in America
Some industry 12 ounce cans are taller /  
thinner than the above dimensions.  While
not an ideal fit the Can Stein™ can still be
used with these cans.    
We will not offer refunds solely due to this
Advantages vs Koozie Can Coolers:
-  The easy flip lid keep bugs, dirt, sand and
other undesirable objects out of your drink
-  Easy grip handle gives you the feel of
drinking from a real mug and the durable
plastic shell protects the soft aluminum can
-  Your drink stays cool and covered which is
ideal for those outdoor events and picnics
where you don't want those nosey neighbors
to see what you're drinking


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Have questions about volume discount pricing or custom
CanStein orders with your own printed design or logo?  We'd like
to hear from you.  Go to our
"contact us" page and send us an
email.  We will reply back to you within 24 to 48 hours.

Can Stein is a registered Trademark of KoolaBrew
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Hooked On Fishin Can Stein
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